It Starts with a Spark

PEWhat do bonfires, life-long love affairs and great ideas have in common?  They’re all things that start with a spark.

To that list I’d like to add this blog.  It’s sparked by my own desire to communicate with others, share ideas and connect with people.  It’s a spark I’ve carried with me for quite some time, crackling away in the back of my mind and popping up after every customer, partner and team meeting but I’ve never quite been able to transfer that spark into action, until now.

So what’s happened to turn that little spark into a flame?  It’s a combination of wanting to share with you some of the incredible experiences that I’m having as CMO at Progress Software, and standing on the edge of being able to make some very exciting announcements at our annual customer and partner conference on October 6-9 in Boston, USA. I believe this news will shine a spotlight on some incredible opportunities for our partner and customer community.

I’m looking forward to sharing more details with you in the coming weeks.  I’d like you to be a part of the journey with me, and in the process I’m hoping that I’ll be able to create a permanent record of what will be a pivotal time for this company, and a very special time in my career .

I look forward to sharing that spark with you!


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