eBay Develops Risk Management System with Progress Corticon

As businesses expand, it becomes important for them to automate decision-making to save time and money. A rules engine, or Business Rules Management System (BRMS), is designed to help them do this effectively. Our solution, Progress Corticon BRMS, helps businesses optimize decision-making processes and minimize risk by easing and accelerating the management of decision-making logic. Ecommerce company, eBay chose our solution for this reason.

As eBay began to grow, the need to manage decision-making became increasingly important. eBay used Progress Corticon to develop a new risk management application, designed to help eBay automate the decisions about when to hold and release funds from sellers, based on the risk of the sale. It took eBay only about 3 months to develop this application with the help of Corticon – a remarkably fast turnaround considering the complexity of the solution. The Corticon-powered solution now processes over 50 million transactions per day.

To learn more about how eBay developed its solution for business rules management with Progress Corticon, watch our webinar with Snezana Sahter, Solutions Architect for Risk Management, eBay Marketplace and Dr. Mark Allen, CTO, Progress Software.

Dr. Mark Allen

Dr. Mark Allen

Chief Technology Officer, Progress at Progress
Dr. Mark Allen


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Dr. Mark Allen

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