Parlez-vous Supply Chain? Updates from SITL Europe

Guy CourtinI am excited to participate in the premier supply chain conference in Europe, SITL, this week in Paris. Not just because I get to present in my native French tongue (that in and of itself should make anyone want to come by!), but also because I'll be discussing a very important supply chain issue: how visibility is only the first step to achieving success. Sitleuropelogo

There has been a lot of heat recently around the need to gain greater visibility and being able to “see” across your siloed technological systems that support your supply chain. I agree that this is vital to becoming more operationally responsive – controlling costs and capturing more revenue – however just being able to see better is not the only variable. Supply chains must gain situational awareness and the ability to act rapidly and efficiently.

The simplest way to think about this – I need to be able to see, I need to be able to understand and I need to be able to take action. None of these are simple to achieve individually and yet none can provide maximum value in a vacuum. I look forward to speaking with attendees about how supply chains can strive to achieve these three key aspects necessary for the modern supply chain.


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